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Meet Our Directors


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Daniel Boamah


Executive Director

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Daniel's vision for KY STEPs stemmed from having a family member with special needs.  He not only serves as Executive Director but protector and advocate of individuals with disabilities.


"My professional philosophy is to help build platforms which foster interaction between stakeholders to address individuals’ needs at the most optimal levels possible. I am a Social Work Doctoral Candidate, have Masters in Economics and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. My research interests include: Child Welfare, Social Justice, and Behavior Health. My professional Interests include working with marginalized groups, individuals diagnosed with both mental health and ID/DD conditions, and an advocate."

~ Daniel Boamah

Irene Boamah


Program Director

Certified Social Worker


Irene serves as the Program Director for KY STEPs.  She has devoted her life to advocating for those with disabilities and challenges. 


"Every family and individual has the ability to achieve goals in life. All a person needs is unbiased encouragement and support. This is my motto in life. I have been working with families and children for over seventeen years. I have a Bachelors and Masters in Social Work and  have worked with individuals who have been abused, neglected and exploited. I enjoy working with individuals with disabilities because they have abilities that are yet to be discovered. With a lot of support and unconditional positive regard, they can achieve the goals they want."

~Irene Boamah

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