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Behavior Support Specialists


Dr. Kacey Jenkins

Dr. Jenkins is trained as a psychotherapist and holds a doctorate in clinical counseling and a master's degree in clinical psychology.  She currently works under the Board of Licensure for Marriage and Family Therapists as a Marriage and Family Therapy Associate in Kentucky.  Dr. Jenkins has been working in a clinical capacity since 2008 and has experience completing psychological evaluations, implementing behavioral interventions, and engaging in therapy in a variety of settings including alternative school/day treatment facilities, the department of correction, community mental health care, non-profit agencies, and private practice.  She has worked with couples for both marital and premarital counseling and also enjoys working with children and adults who have developmental and intellectual disabilities.  
Dr. Jenkins also enjoys teaching college courses and has taught several introductory psychology, child abnormal behavior, human growth and development, ethics, marriage and family therapy, and psychological testing and assessment courses. She has a passion for teaching and helping people to recognize that they are the experts of themselves and their personal situations and enjoys bowling, boxing, reading for pleasure, and cooking in her free time.

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Liz Maynard

Liz has over 16 year of experience working with individuals with unique needs. She began working at a private school at the age of 16 and has worked with children ever since. Her experience has allowed her to work with children and adults from all types of backgrounds including, ESL, Autism, Down Syndrome, Spina Bifida, Cerebral Palsy, Premature Birth, Global Developmental Delays, Speech Delays, Physical and Intellectual Disabilities, and so much more.Liz has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and holds a Master's Degree in Special Education; Learning and Behavior Disorders.  Liz is certified to teach Pre-K through 12th Grade Special Education. She taught ESL in Florida before moving to Kentucky. After moving to Kentucky in 2008, Liz taught Preschool/Special Education for Warren County Public Schools and loved it. In 2015, she gave birth to a beautiful preemie, which caused her to leave teaching and focus more on working with individuals through KY STEPS. Liz loves making visuals for the individuals she works with and finds herself researching, collecting data, and working with people on the Autism Spectrum most frequently.

Andrea Hartman



Andrea received her Bachelor of Arts in Human Services degree from Lindsey Wilson College in 2001. She completed her Master of Education in Counseling and Human Development degree at Lindsey Wilson College in December 2016. Andrea began her professional career in the mental health field in 2001 as a case manager. She has previous experience working with adults and children, in programs of Community Mental Health, Impact Plus, Supports for Community Living Waiver (SCL), and Michelle P. Waiver (MPW). Andrea began working at KY Steps in 2015 helping participants as a mental health case manager, SCL waiver Person-Centered Coach, and SCL Personal Assistant. Andrea also served as a mental health counseling intern at KY Steps in 2016. Andrea is currently practicing as a positive behavior support specialist (PBSS) and a licensed professional counselor associate (LPCA) at KY Steps. Andrea works with both children and adults with a diverse range of emotional and behavioral issues. She is a passionate advocate with a focus on teaching skills to assist individuals with achieving their goals and dreams. Andrea's time apart from work is spent with her family and friends. She is married and has a 10-year-old daughter. They are active with a fast-pitch travel softball team.

Sharon Coomer
Sharon has a bachelor's degree in business management and a masters degree in social work.  She works with clients on the Michelle P Waiver and Impact Plus.  She enjoys working with others at her church as the director of Children's Ministries.  She also enjoys helping children with behavioral challenges and is co-founder of Lifeway Academy.  Sharon loves being out on her farm with her husband and family.  Sharon has 9 grandchildren. 
Paula Bachman
Paula is a 2013 graduate of Lindsey Wilson College where she received her Masters of Education degree.
She worked as an intern for one year with KY Steps in 2013.  She is currently pursing her LPCA .  In her spare time, Paula enjoys spending time with her family, going to church, and reading.

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Dennie Morrison


 Dennie is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and has been working in the helping field for approximately 15 years.  He is a graduate from Lindsey Wilson College with a Bachelors degree in Human Services and Youth Development and a Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling with course work in Marriage and Family Counseling.  He is  approved to supervise LPCA Counselors. He has worked in a variety of behavioral health settings in the past 15 years including group homes, psychiatric treatment facilites, foster care, juvenile justice, impact plus services and Michelle P. Waiver. Dennie enjoys playing sports and recreational games. He really enjoys working with kids, and he takes pride in helping others in need.

Bradley Young
   Bradley has a Bachelor's degree in Social Studies Education and a Masters degree in Exceptional Education - Learning and Behavioral Disorders, both from Western Kentucky University.  He works with participants on the Michelle P Waiver.  Bradley greatly enjoys helping others reach their potential, as well as helping them utilize  their strengths and talents. He enjoys spending time with his family and also serves others at his church as a Deacon.  
Derrick Clubb
Derrick Clubb is an Exceptional Education teacher for Bowling Green Independent School District in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  He began his work with children with Learning and Behavior disorders in 2003 at Conway Middle school in Louisville, Kentucky.  In 2008, Derrick fulfilled the requirements for the master’s program in Learning and Emotional Behavior through Campbellsville University and passed the certification exam shortly thereafter
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