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   At KY STEPS we treat a variety of ages, from the Individual, to couples and family Therapy.  All our therapists are here to assist with any ailments including: Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Anger, and many other disorders and ailments.

  • Person-centered counseling:  focuses on building a relationship of trust between participant and therapist.  This talk-therapy emphasizes giving empathy while building self-esteem and assists those that have a distorted view of self-worth due to outside influences.


  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:  a type of psychotherapy that focuses on assisting individuals in changing negative patterns of thinking that lead to challenging behavior, depression, and other mental illnesses. The therapist will guide the individual to realize the underlying problem causing these patterns of thinking and formulate a plan of action.  Cognitive behavioral therapy uses a variety of techniques such as relaxation therapy, exposure therapy, systematic desentization, and cognitive processing therapy.  


  •  Dialectical Behavior Therapy:  used for many mental illnesses and patterns of challenging behavior such as self-harm, talk/thoughts of suicide, addictions, and compulsions.  This therapy aids participants in identifying the triggers that may precede harmful behaviors and teaches them how to self-regulate and control their patterns of thinking.


  • Family Therapy:  this type of psychotherapy assists families in identifying patterns of relational responding often associated with deficits in productive communication and the healthy development of family members.  


  • Functional Behavior Assessment and Behavior Support Plan:  these plans assess interferring behaviors that impede development and skill acquisition.  They are designed to identify the function (purpose) of the behavior.  A Behavior Support Plan will outline how to address the behavior from a functional persepctive.  It will assist in creating an environment that is optimal to facilitate learning.


  • Psychological services are also available for participants in the Michelle P and SCL Waivers. 


Mental Health Counseling

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