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Positive Behavior Support Services


Assessment and Development of Positive Behavior Support Plan

  • Each participant will receive a Functional Assessment (FA) and Positive Behavior Support Plan (PBSP)



  • Training of all Direct Support Workers and Caregivers of the participants on the Positive Behavior Support Plan.

  • Implementation the PBSP and addressing the targeted goals.

  • Monitoring the targeted behaviors and tracking effectiveness of the intervention. 



  • FA and PBSP are living documents that will be revised at any time necessary.

  • PBSP will be updated annually.

  • New targeted behaviors can be added to the PBSP, but a new assessment may be required.


Other Procedures

  • Positive behavior support specialists will attend Plan of Care meetings whenever possible

  • Comprehensive skill assessments may also be completed with participants to identify skill deficits that may hinder development and independence. 

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