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Applied Behavioral Analysis


  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA therapy):  the basic principles of human behavior are utilized in every session to increase desired target responses, decrease challenging and interferring behaviors, and maximize motivation in between structured  sessions.  Parents and direct support staff will be trained in the principles of human behavior and how to track data to ensure that the intervention is effective.  Data are analyzed routinely to ensure that the child's intervention program is effective and being implemented properly by each interventionist. 


  • Functional Behavior Assessment and Behavior Support Plan:These plans assess interferring behaviors that impede development and skill acquisition.  They are designed to identify the function (purpose) of the behavior.  A Behavior Support Plan will outline how to address the behavior from a functional persepctive.  It will assist in creating an environment that is optimal to facilitate learning. 


  • Comprehensive Skill Assessment:  Children receiving ABA therapy will undergo a comprehensive skills assessment using the ABLLS-R or VB MAPP assessment to guide the development of a comprehensive treatment package for the individual child.


  • Discrete-Trial Teaching is used to initally teach new skills and break more complex tasks down into distinct behaviors to increase.  


  • Natural Environment Teaching is used to teach generalization of skills that are taught during discrete trial sessions.  The child must be able to use skills in the natural environment as well as perform during structured teaching sessions.


  • Functional Communication Training involves teaching a child to functionally communicate to have their needs and wants met.  Whether through assistive technology, picture-exchange systems, or Verbal Behavior program, each child will learn to communicate more effectively.


  • ABA Programs are now offered at KY STEPs under the umbrella of Behavior Supports for participants of the Michelle P Waiver. 




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